We Know Equipment Financing

When it comes to commercial equipment financing, there are a few key elements you need to successfully get the funding you need. With almost 40 years in the finance industry, our Managing Broker has created strong connections with our lender partners. These relationships are invaluable to our clients and we encourage anyone seeking financing for heavy equipment to implore them.

It’s small details like a quick phone call to our lenders that can make a big difference in rates, terms, and the down payment for your equipment loan. Not only does the lender feedback properly prepare our applicants, but we have a chance to humanize them and possibly help protect their credit from being pulled multiple times (which reflects negatively on credit scores and often happens during the purchasing process at dealerships). 

A Boutique Finance Experience

We are a boutique broker with the extra time and resources to help our clients through each step of the finance process. Whether you’re in the market to purchase a dump truck, need a working capital loan, or even a business start-up loan, we’re ready to offer personalized guidance and attention every step of the way. 

We Have You Covered

Our Underwriters use a common sense approach that goes beyond the limitations of traditional lending. While other lenders may fail you, we work beside you to break through challenges to uncover opportunity and solutions that help grow your business.

Our Guarantee

We are committed to consistently providing customers with the highest level of service. Our funding process is streamlined. We can provide approvals within 24-48 hours of receiving a complete application package.

Finance Process

Step 1: Intro

Kapital Venture was founded on a relationship-building business model. In the introductory stage, we want to shake your hand, learn about you and your business. This is also where you fill out some important information so we can get the ball rolling. Click here to fill out the Request for Finance form.

Step 2: Submit

Next we’ll gather more detailed information, click here to download and fill out the application, you will complete it now and submit other financial statements.

Step 3: Approval

Behind the scenes, we’re working to with our lender partners to see who is the fit for your needs. You’ll get approval within 24 hours, review terms and accept.

Step 4: Docs

At this stage, you have agreed to the terms and we’ll then need to gather the remaining paperwork, IE bank statements, downpayment, etc.

Step 5: Funding

Kapital Venture receives completed document package and funds are wired same day!

We invite you to learn more about our financing solutions and look forward to developing a relationship with you.